The Story


Chef’s Mission

Chef Jason Patella brings delicious meals for your lifestyle direct to your door. His experience in both culinary arts and fitness create the perfect combination to construct menus filled with a variety of great tasting options that will help you maximize your performance.
Born and raised in Southern California, Chef Patella has spent his entire career crafting his art learning to cook in a variety of fine restaurants. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles, he brings both professional training and hands-on experience to life in the nutritious meals that will be delivered to your doorstep.

The Chef’s understanding of the California lifestyle means that he understands whether you’re trying to lean up, build muscle, maintain or just getting through the day, one thing is the same – living and working in the fast-paced environment of Southern California is busy. Most of us, including Chef, are on the go from sunrise to sunset. His vision for Fit Meals Direct is to give people like YOU a personal chef dialed in to your everyday needs.

What is the FMD Lifestyle?

Fit Meals Direct caters to and tailors highly specialized meals with interchangeable options of protein, starch and vegetables for people just like you:

  • Those on a program to build muscle mass – double the protein on any meal choice!
  • Weight loss! There is no better program to both lose and maintain weight loss than the calorie-controlled selections from FMD.
  • Professional fitness freaks – for those who work and play hard from sunrise to sunset.
  • Family time is not time to take a break from your dietary and fitness goals. Our meal selections are perfect for adults and kids.
  • Doctor’s care – ideal for those who have to pay attention to intake of sodium, fat or cholesterol levels.
  • Professional athletes utilize FMD to maintain a perfect balance while in training and during down time.